About SOBA DMV Chapter


Sasse Old Boys Association (SOBA) DMV is a non-profit alumni association, whose members are ex-students of Saint Joseph College SASSE, Buea, Cameroon, residing in DC, Maryland, Virginia. We also have members residing in Delaware, NJ and NY.

SOBA DMV is the oldest chapter of SOBA America and Sasse Alumni Assoc. Inc;  a 501 (c) organization functioning in absolute compliance with the US IRS laws that govern such bodies. It is the non- profit arm of SOBA America.


The chapter meets each third Saturdays of each month except for the month of December to give way to holidays as some members travel back home to Cameroon. On average there are anywhere from 15-25 members in attendance during meetings. Our meetings are a common ground for interaction and socializing while discussing important agendas of the association.

Sasse Alumni Association History

SOBA America was founded in 1990 as SOBA – USA by a group of dynamic ex-students of St. Joseph’s college Sasse living in the USA, who had the foresight to understand the need for the alumni to get together and give back to their alma mater. It became clear early on that Sasse College needed significant help from its alumni to be able to continue to be a leading institution of learning in Cameroon and cater for the educational needs of the boy child. To achieve this major goal of giving back, the then SOBA USA needed to position itself to be able to raise funds.

The philanthropic/ non-profit arm – Sasse Alumni Association, Inc. – was created in 2003 as a 501(c3) Organization under the laws in the State of Georgia. The sole goal of this arm was to raise funds in accordance with applicable laws while offering donors tax-exempt benefits for their donations to help the association meet its goals.

As SOBA USA grew, its role as a leader in the global SOBA community became apparent. The difference in the lives of the many young students – future leaders of tomorrow – that SOBA USA made through projects in Sasse College saw a surge in interests from SOBANS to join the cause. SOBA USA felt the need to include our brothers north of the border into this movement. SOBA USA became SOBA America to include membership of SOBANS residing in Canada and the rest of the American continent in 2003. Our current membership includes SOBANS in the USA and Canada.

SOBA America has seen a steady growth over the past 25 years, from only a handful of chapters to eleven chapters now – with Carolinas being the newest chapter.

SOBA DMV Membership

As the chapter with the most Sobans in the US, SOBA DMV has the luxury of having members from the earliest classes, with members enjoying a common sense of familiarity and camaraderie with each other regardless of their years of attendance.

Membership is open to all ex-students of SJC who have paid their $100 annual registration dues. The $100 dues is the primary source for funds for most of the projects of the chapter in addition to fundraisers organized by the chapter. Members who have paid their dues are eligible for all member benefits such as death and bereavements.

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